“Voting is no different than televoting: only the TV is missing.”
“The most virile man is the boss of a political party: he has nuts under him.”
“On talk shows, politicians are liars out of necessity: if they try to say what they think, there would be an awkward silence.”
“Populists claim that mafia doesn’t exist. Mobsters agree.”
“When people’s balls are busted, they demand a politician with the balls. The problem is the basic product is currently unavailable: we only have the balls.”
“Being a windbag gives the politician three key advantages: going where the wind blows, climbing up high, and not being kicked in his ass by the electors.”
“Populists say that the Parliament is useless and expensive. Electors totally agree: a pub is a cheaper place to talk bullshit.”

All Brianna’s irreverent humor in illustrated aphorisms about politics

By reading these “afoolisms” from “Polidicks”, where the similarity with “Politics” is not a coincidence, what was only suspected is now ascertained: often people in power turn out to be stupider than those who elected them.

Did these aphorisms make you think ok Italy? Then read With all due disrespect: it is entirely dedicated to our beloved country!