Sorry for the late brain response

“I’m not paying a therapist, but a dumbass instead: when I have low self-esteem, talking to him makes me feel immediately smarter.”
“Before you start speaking, make sure that your brain is connected. However, often the problem is not the lack of connection, but the absence of signal.”
“Computers are getting better than humans in terms of intelligence, but they still have so much to learn in terms of stupidity.”
“As ants show, stupid individuals, duly organized, form a collective intelligence; as Italians show, intelligent individuals, duly disorganized, form a collective stupidity.”
“The computer is stupid but usually fast, the man is slow but usually smart: that’s why it’s useful to put them together. There’s a problem though, when they’re matched by a bureaucrat: in such cases usually a slow PC is paired with a stupid man.”
“Feminine intelligence is about letting men think that women are less intelligent than them.”
“I often feel that people play me. In my past life I might have been a musical instrument.”

Illustrated aphorisms and humor about stupidity

In these seven sentences lies the “nonsense” of this zany-sarcastic-surreal volume in which “any resemblance to real events and/or to real persons is purely wanted”.
Please note: the book is sold at full price: no cheap jokes.

Are you a bit misanthropic because of human stupidity? Then Today I feel asocial then it’s for you!